DuckTalks Episode #002 – Sequels, Shuffles, and Ganders!

On this episode of DuckTalks the guys discuss DuckTales Episode Schedule Shuffling, New Disney Afternoon Action-figures, Episode 6 of DuckTales “The House of Lucky Gander!”, and the series intro of Gladstone Gander. Audio Contact Info Call and leave a voicemail! (505) VGPODCAsts Twitter: Follow DuckTalks […]

DuckTalks Episode #001 – Hello Duckburg!

Why would two thirty-something men create a podcast to discuss Disney XD’s DuckTales reboot? The answer is because they couldn’t keep from it. Join Pirate Steven and Mitch as they discuss their excitement and fandom for DuckTales, both old and new. Audio Contact Info Call […]

DeREZD #082 – Raw Data Early Thoughts

The PSVR hits just keep on coming! This week Will and I go over our early impressions of Raw Data, a futuristic wave based shooter with multiple classes and weapon types. It’s super impressive, eager to get back into the world and shoot some androids! […]

DeREZD #081 – The Solus Project

Will and Lloyd sit down to talk about the latest news on the Sony PlayStation VR! We go over the coming 1st Anniversary sale news, talk about some game delays and then Lloyd gives his thoughts on the first couple hours of the Solus Project […]

DeREZD #080 – Bloody Zombies

Will and Lloyd are back to talk PlayStation VR! In this episode we run down what we’ve been playing, get into my initial impressions of Bloody Zombies a great 2D beat-em up game that just came out. This shouldn’t work in VR, but MAN it’s […]