iOS Pulse #017 – Mafia Rush

For the second episode of the iOS Pulse for this week, I bring you my review of Mafia Rush, an interesting freemium dual-stick shooter by Chillingo. Enjoy the rest of your week, and watch out for a new episode of the Touch of Gaming Podcast […]

iOS Pulse #016 – Tongue Tied!

To kick this week off, Jared is here to bring you his review of Tongue Tied!, an interesting constatant running game featuring two dogs joined at the lips.. or tongue as is were. We hope you enjoy it, stay tuned for more iOS gaming action […]

ToG #100 – We Made It!

Episode #100 came and went! I had a wonderful time hanging out with past hosts and listeners during the live recording. Thanks go out to Jared, Anthony, Rob, Brett, Jesse, Cara, Joe, Sam and Montana for coming on the show. We hope you guys enjoy […]

iOS Pulse #015 – Reckless Racing 2

In our first international user submission, Fury NL brings us his review of Reckless Racing 2! Thanks so my to Fury NL for sending the review in, if you would like to submit a review be sure to contact us and let us know! […]

iOS Pulse #014 – AWESOME Land

For this Episode of the iOS Pulse I give you guys my review of AWESOME Land, a retro platformer that sadly did not resonate with me. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS | More

iOS Pulse #013 – Dungeon Crawlers

In this lucky #13 episode of the iOS Pulse, Jared brings you his review of Dungeon Crawlers, though by the sound of his review it wasn’t that luck for him! Listen to the show for his thoughts on this anticipated title. Also, as mentioned in […]

iOS Pulse #012 – Kingdom Rush

For today’s iOS Pulse we have our first listener review! Justin Watts brings you his review of Kingdom Rush. If you would like to do a review on the pulse, send it in! Also, as mentioned in this episode we will be doing a special […]

iOS Pulse #011 – Triple Town

For today’s iOS Pulse podcast, Jared brings you his review of Triple Town, a unique take on a match 3 puzzler. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS | More

iOS Pulse #010 – Magic Piano

Cara is here for this episode of the iOS Pulse. She reviews Magic Piano, a musi game that she quite enjoyed and gave it a . I also mentioned that the release days are changing a little bit. We are planning on having an iOS […]