We have a great show for you fine folks this week! We chat about the huge PSN sale that is happening, chat about how Capcom is rethinking their game development, talk about the upcoming game Mervils and more! Will and I also talk about Resident Evil VII, Tumble VR, Wayward Sky and Headmaster! We hope you enjoy the show!

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DeREZD #062 – PSVR Is Heating Up and More Resident Evil VII

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- Lloyd has been podcasting about his love of videogames since 2004. From the PSP Podcast to his newest show DeREZD and beyond, Lloyd has been sharing is passion with listeners and viewers world wide. Lloyd also finds it very awkward typing in the third person. He also likes cake.


  • Matthew

    Hi guys, quick tip that might help power down the VR box, which Will spoke about. I’m running a normal PS4, but this fixed it for me.

    Basically I never close games when I put my system to sleep. This has never been a problem until now, so took me a while to figure this out. If I choose to close the application (VR apps/games) then not only does the system screen on my TV instantly restore to HD quality, but also if I put my system in Sleep instead of OFF, then the VR box also goes red light instead of still on (White light).

    This solved it for me. Hope it helps.

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