DeREZD #051 – PlayStation VR: Our Review

DeREZD is back and better than ever! The show has switched over to our PlayStation VR podcast, we are excited about having you along for the ride! In this episode your hosts review the PlayStation VR, the launch games and our experiences with the device. […]

DeREZD Special Announcement October 2016!

We’re here with a special announcement for DeREZD podcast listeners. We are transitioning this show into a PlayStation VR (PSVR) podcast! Will and I are incredibly excited for the new VR system, and we will be bringing you our thoughts, previews, reviews and more here […]

DeREZD #050 – No Man’s Sky

In this episode Will and I get together to talk about No Man’s Sky. This has been the game we’ve been looking forward to since starting doing shows together. Does it live up to our expectations? We also talk a bit about the future of […]

DeREZD #047 – E3 2016 Hopes

Will and I get together to talk about E3 2016 and some of our hopes and dreams. Usually at this time of year we do a predictions show, but with the new trend of announcements before E3… we chickened out :) Enjoy the show and […]

DeREZD #046 – Console Name Dot Five

We are back with another DeREZD podcast! This week we talk at length about what we’ve been playing, then chat about the point five consoles that we can expect to hear about at E3. What about you fine folks? Are mid generation console upgrades a […]

DeREZD #045 – Uncharted 4 SPOILERCAST!

WARNING WARNING HERE BE SPOILERS WARNING WARNING! Will and Lloyd are here to talk all things Uncharted 4! We cover the whole game and there are plenty of spoilers, so make sure you have played the game first! Enjoy! Audio Contact Info Theme Music: DEREZZED […]

DeREZD #044 – RetroPie in the Sky

Will and I get together to talk about what we’ve been playing these past couple of weeks. Some great conversation on Ratchet & Clank, Alan Wake and Quantum Break. We also talk about my newest project, a RetroPie powered emulation box. Worked on this project […]