Full On Indie #005 – The Story of the Game

In this episode of Full On Indie we have special guest, Ryan FitzGerald, to talk about story and narrative in games/interactive media. Please forgive the audio issues in this episode, the Skype gods were not kind to us, and Ryan’s audio has some issues starting […]

Full On Indie #004 – Powering False Realities

In this episode of Full On Indie we have special guest Dwayne Rudy from Evodant Interactive Inc. Dwayne joins us to talk about his passion, that being Artificial Intelligence and procedurally generated content. We cover those topics and relate them to past games, and future […]

Full On Indie #002 – A Tale of Two Toms

This episode we’re going to discuss the journey to becoming indie, the passionate, drive and circumstance upon which someone says “I want to be an independent developer”. To discuss this we’ve brought on two Winnipeg Developers Tom Rab, and Tom Kaminski who along with my […]

Full On Indie #001 – The Nature of Indie

Welcome to Full On Indie, a new podcast idea from VGPodcasts.com and ZenFri.com. Full On Indie will be a bi-weekly podcast covering views from the side of Independent Developers. You can look forward to a lot of great conversations with some great developers. We hope […]