Inside Dimensions #013 – We’re Back

We are back! So sorry for the extended break folks! Real life sometimes has a way of jumping in the way! In this episode of the Inside Dimensions podcast we talk about the game FINALLY! I’ve completed it, have most of the figs and have […]

Inside Dimensions #011 – Midway Arcade

Less than a month to release, and we finally know everything (almost) about the sets coming out for this upcoming game! TTGames released the Wave Roadmap on Twitter. Through that we got a closer look at the Midway content as well. This week we talk […]

Inside Dimensions #010 – Scooby Doo

Scooby Doobie Doooooooo! Zoinks! We have a great show for you this episode! Will and I chat about the latest LEGO Dimensions news, including the Midway figure unveiling! We breakdown the new Scooby Doo trailer and more. Can you believe that the game is only […]