Inside Infinity 102 – The Review Show Part 1

Jason and I gush this week.  That’s pretty much what happens as we are both elated with the launch of Disney Infinity 3.0.  We break down the game into sections and speak to them specifically.  We go give our overall impressions of the game from a top down perspective.  Then we discuss the transfer process and the new Hall of Heroes.  Then we go over Play Sets and the Toy Box Takeover.  Lastly we go over Side Kicks, Farming and the upgrades in combat.  We had so much to talk about, we had to break it up.  Next week we will have a very special guest, Brandon Jones from  We will talk the Toy Box next week as it’s it’s own fun conversation.  We hope you enjoyed listening to this weeks show as much as we enjoyed doing it.  Most importantly we hope you’re enjoying the masterpiece of a game they’ve given us this year.  It’s hard talking about it because all we want to do is play it!

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