Inside Infinity 80 – Mulan in Infinity and the Final 2 Power Disc

Jason and I discuss lots of news this week.  First up, it looks like we finally have a release date for the final two Powerdisc.  The Ultimate Falcon disc, and Team-Up Captain Marvel disc, look to be released on March 24, along with the Loki and Falcon figures.  We also talk about yet another custom Figure Case, this time it’s Captain America. Disney Infinity 2.0 was finally released for Windows 8.  We also discussed the rumor that Mulan may be included in Disney Infinity 3.0.  It was a great show with all of this and more.

Inside Infinity is recorded live every Monday at 8pm MDT.  Head to to join in live.


This weeks roundtable includes two very special guest, Master Toy Box Builders, Lauren “MightyGitis” and Pirate Steven.  We answer a lot of questions from listeners, and from the chat.  They give us a “behind the Toy Box” look at their building process, as well as tips on tricks for building a winning Toy Box.


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