Inside Infinity 91 – Inside Out and Twilight of the Republic

So much news this week, it keeps Jason and busy.  We start things off talking about a rumored release date for Disney Infinity 3.0.  We continue discussing the Game Informer this week focusing on a very interesting video with John Blackburn talking about the difficulties of licensed games.  We then break down this weeks Toy Box TV Live where they played live the Inside Out Play Set as well as the Twilight of the Republic Play Set.

We have Sheriff Woody and Pirate Steven on this weeks Round Table.  Sheriff Woody from the Disney Infinity Fans Forum tells us about his hands on “Pre E3” coverage, where he got to play both the Inside Out Play Set, and the Twilight of the Republic Play Set, along with others that he couldn’t yet talk about. It was a great conversation and made me even more excited for these Play Sets.

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