Mousecast Live! Episode 71 Civil War Review, The End Of Infinity, & Top 5 Park Songs

Back to the original two host Jeff and Steve O. are here to discuss some big news. First we go over our review of Civil War, and the impact it had on the box office this week. Did the agree with everyone else? Disney Infinity news just dropped and we will discuss what this means for this and other Disney games moving into the future. Then a great top 5 list of park music from past and present. We hope you enjoy the show, and tell your friends.

About The Author
- Lloyd has been podcasting about his love of videogames since 2004. From the PSP Podcast to his newest show DeREZD and beyond, Lloyd has been sharing is passion with listeners and viewers world wide. Lloyd also finds it very awkward typing in the third person. He also likes cake.

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