Nintendo Pulse #217 – Humble Nindy Bundle and Splatoon

We recorded this episode on Splatoon-eve and talked about how much we didn’t think we would enjoy it. Well I ended up picking this gem up on release day and man, was I ever wrong! Platoon is great! The whole family is playing it. I can’t wait until next show where I can talk about how wrong I was 🙂

Stories covered in this episode include:

Humble Nindy Bundle –
Truck with Splatoon delivery hijacked –
Splatoon getting rave reviews –
New 3DSXL charging docks back in stock –


Category: Nintendo Pulse
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- Lloyd has been podcasting about his love of videogames since 2004. From the PSP Podcast to his newest show DeREZD and beyond, Lloyd has been sharing is passion with listeners and viewers world wide. Lloyd also finds it very awkward typing in the third person. He also likes cake.

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