Nintendo Pulse #271 – Nintendo Switch Event 2017

Well we now know what the Nintendo Switch is. Well, we know more than we did in 2016! Last night Nintendo wow’d us with their Switch presentation. We know that the system will launch worldwide on March 3rd. We know that it will launch for $299USD. We know that the accessories are WAY overpriced too!

Nintendo showed off some of the new featured of the hardware. The Joy-con controller can “see” objects with it’s IR. There is HD rumble built in. Motion controls are the new hotness again… in 2017. Oh, and a little game called.. Zelda? Is a launch title!

Did you all get your pre-orders in!?

We are hyped, the launch is less than 2 months away. Stephen and I get together to talk about the event. Give our impressions and tell some stories. The 7 week countdown has begun!

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