Nintendo Pulse #060 – 3DS is on Top

We are back for another Nintendo Pulse podcast! We have a load of news to get through this week, including 3DS sales, NDP numbers showing some surprising Nintendo titles and more! Enjoy! Sponsor: 30 Day Free Trial. Get yours today at Audio This […]

Nintendo Pulse #059 – Rayman Legends

It’s a take 2 of episode 59! We are sorry for the delay, we had a total system meltdown last week when recording and had to reschedule. We hope the wait was worth it however! This week Stephen and I talk Kickstarters, Pokemon, obsolescence and […]

Nintendo Pulse #054 – In My Day

Stephen and I wax poetically about what gaming was like in our youth, hell who are we kidding, we bitch and moan about today’s easy games :) That and more news in this week’s Nintendo Pulse! This episode is brought to you by PNP Games, […]