Nintendo Pulse #066 – Merging All the Cash

This week Stephen and I talk about all of the great news in the latest Nintendo Direct including MiiVerse, account merges, game announcements and more! We had some technical difficulties during this episode that sadly forced Stephen to drop connection halfway through. Sorry about that […]

Nintendo Pulse #060 – 3DS is on Top

We are back for another Nintendo Pulse podcast! We have a load of news to get through this week, including 3DS sales, NDP numbers showing some surprising Nintendo titles and more! Enjoy! Sponsor: 30 Day Free Trial. Get yours today at Audio This […]

Nintendo Pulse #059 – Rayman Legends

It’s a take 2 of episode 59! We are sorry for the delay, we had a total system meltdown last week when recording and had to reschedule. We hope the wait was worth it however! This week Stephen and I talk Kickstarters, Pokemon, obsolescence and […]