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DS:Life Episode #037

Welcome to 2009 everybody! We have turned over a new leaf here ate the DS:Life podcast, and are here to entertain! In this episode of the DS:Life Podcast we talk about what we’ve been playing including Kirby Super Star Ultra and Personal Trainer Cooking, chat about Club Nintendo, talk about Nintendo’s world domination and I chat about some hands on time I’ve had with the Nintendo DSi.

It’s good to be back and podcasting again after our unplanned break. We hope you enjoy this episode, and we’ll talk to you soon! Until next time, enjoy your DS:Life!

WiiSpot Podcast Episode #033

Welcome to 2009! We are back with a fresh new WiiSpot podcast, sorry for the unplanned break in recording! We are over that hump and are ready to rock it in the ’09! In this episode we chat a bit about what we’ve been playing, […]

ToG #16 – Who Are You?

We went a little long in this episode of the ToG, we hope you’ll forgive us! In this episode we have not one but two contests that could net you some free App Store games! That makes up for the long episode a little bit […]

ToG #14 – A Festivus Miracle!

We are taking a break from the podcast until the new year but before we got together to do another Review-A-Rama episode of the podcast. In this episode Rob and Christian join me to talk about a dozen games that we’ve been playing! Since we […]

ToG #13 – You Will Die!

Told yah we’d be back! Welcome to the lucky #13 episode of the Touch of Gaming Podcast! Rob joins me this week to talk about all things in Apple Mobile gaming! In this episode we of course talk about all the latest and greatest releases […]

ToG #12 – Lost in the Woods

We are back with the Touch of Gaming! I have to apologize for the delay in getting this episode out to you guys! We recorded this on the 3rd, but due to all of the holiday craziness I’ve been going through I just got around […]

WiiSpot Podcast Episode #032

Wii are back. *groan* The WiiSpot podcast is back in full effect! Edgar and I bring it to talk about everything Wii in the post TGS economy. In this episode we talk about de Blob, World of Goo and the Art Style games. For news […]

ToG #8 – Of Towers and Blobs

We are back and we have blobs on our minds! In another epic episode we talk about a lot of games that just came out. There are some interesting things happening on the App Store and we are loving it! In this episode we talk […]

DS:Life Episode #036

It’s Nintendo Media Event wrap-up time. Nintendo announced the next DS model, the DSi and Edgar and I dissect the news. We also take some time to chat about new games coming out, GTA China Town Wars and some homebrew! Hope you enjoy this episode, we’ll talk to you soon!

So until next time, enjoy your DS:Life!

WiiSpot Podcast Episode #031

In this EPIC one hour long episode of the WiiSpot Podcast we give you our review of Star Wars The Force Unleashed, discuss the Nintendo Media Conference that took place on Thursday, talk a bit about Animal Crossing, and wrap it up with some news […]

ToG #7 – NDA No More

Ding Dong the NDA is dead! Well, sort of. We have the threesome back for this episode of the Touch of Gaming Podcast! We went a little long in this episode, but hope that it’s an informative show for you all! In this episode we […]