Pole Position 01 – The Starting Line

In the inaugural edition of Pole Position, the official Global Sim Racing. We introduce ourselves the the online racing league GlobalSimRacing.org. Then we run down all of the recent Xbox One Sim Racing news and there has be a lot. We then recap the year so far in Global Sim Racing, running down all of the current series, including our flagship series the GSR Endurance Championship. We hope you enjoy our first episode and if you’re interested in friendly, competitive racing, check out and join www.globalsimracing.org

Category: Pole Position
About The Author
- Lloyd has been podcasting about his love of videogames since 2004. From the PSP Podcast to his newest show DeREZD and beyond, Lloyd has been sharing is passion with listeners and viewers world wide. Lloyd also finds it very awkward typing in the third person. He also likes cake.

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