How We Soar PSVR, Reviewed

How We Soar first grabbed my interest with it’s interesting graphical style. Huge paper-craft dioramas floating in space soaked in bright reds and greens being explored on a huge construction paper phoenix. From as far back as I can remember I’ve always been fascinated with […]

Holoball PSVR, Reviewed

Welcome to Holoball, the TRON-styled death sport of the future — we’ll get to the death part in a minute. This is the 3rd title developed by TreeFortress Games. It’s also their first released foray in the VR space. Released on Steam in April, with […]

EVE: Gunjack PSVR, Reviewed

EVE: Gunjack is an action-packed wave based arcade shooter for the PlayStation VR. If the name sounds familiar to you, that’s because it should. For the PlayStation VR launch we received two full games based in the EVE Online universe. EVE: Gunjack is by far […]

Pixel Gear PSVR, Reviewed

We were bound to get a gaggle of on-rails or stationary light gun shooters early on in the PSVR’s life. I mean it’s a perfect medium to finally bring these games to life in ways that old school light-guns and Wiimotes never could. Pixel Gear […]

Job Simulator PSVR, Reviewed

The PlayStation VR release date has finally arrived, and by far the game I was most looking forward to experiencing for myself was Owlchemy Lab’s Job Simulator. Set in a future time where people visit Job Museums to see how us plebeians got by in […]