ToG #29 – We Yell Because We Care

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! We are back with another exciting episode of the Touch of Gaming Podcast! Some technical difficulties forced us to try using Skype on iPhone to record, sadly things sort of broke up near the end of […]

ToG #28 – Flowers, Bugs and Guns

We are back and kicking it epic! While we vowed that we would start doing smaller episodes, the incredible volume of awesome games has forced this episode! In this episode we chat about some really awesome games that have come out recently including, SnakeGalaxy, Glyder, […]

ToG #27 – Fahgeddaboudit

This is another review heavy episode with reviews of Inspector Gadget, TNA Wrestling, a joint-review of Mafia Wars and a special preview of Toki Tori! We also talk about some newer released titles, talk about some price drops and even bring you some news! Hope […]

ToG #24 – Of GDC and Ducks

The Game Developers Conference (GDC you see) is on right now in San Fransisco, and the iPhone is blowing up! Not only have there been some great game announcements, but developers are singing the praises of our little portable handheld to all who will listen. […]

ToG #23 – 2 Fools No Class

After a short break to regain our breath from the epic shows, we are back with some ToG goodness for you to inject directly into your cerebellum. It’s been a big week for the iPhone platform with Apple announcing the 3.0 software release! Besides that […]

ToG #22 – Snowy New York Dreams

Welcome to another week of iPhone gaming goodness, the Touch of Gaming is back! We are here with another long episode covering all of the latest and greatest gaming goodness available on the App Store. Be sure to listen to this episode for your chance […]

ToG #21 – Review-A-Thon 2: The Return

We told yah we’d be back! Just a few short days after episode #20 we are back with another Review-A-Thon in which we bring you reviews of HeavyMach, Little Red Sled, Photo Puzzler, Dapple, The Quest, Pinball Dreams, iDracula, BurnBall, BlackOut: Lights Off and Vector […]