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Turtle Recall #079 – Back to the Egg

This week we break down the episode “Back to the Egg”. THEY’RE BABIES – wait, wrong Ninja Turtles reference. The first of 2 episodes where Ninja Turtles turn into kids. We see how adorable Mikey and Leo are if they were 5 years old. Also, […]

Turtle Recall #078 – Superhero for a Day

This week we break down the episode “Superhero for a Day”. We open this episode with what we did during our winter break and thanking you guys so much for all the messages while we were gone. This episode features the origins of everyone’s superhero, […]

NP496 – Indie World and More!

Well, Nintendo gave us an early present this year with a surprise Indie World Direct today! Stephen and I got together to talk about our favorite games that were shown, and some that left us scratching our heads. We also talk about new N64 games, […]

Turtle Recall #076 – Name That Toon

This week we break down the episode “Name That Toon”. Why can’t I be a teenager with a shell? We have a semi-musical episode as the plot takes huge suffering, so we can get forgettable hits from the new character Howie, like “Turtle Dude”! This […]