Turtle Recall #076 – Name That Toon

This week we break down the episode “Name That Toon”. Why can’t I be a teenager with a shell? We have a semi-musical episode as the plot takes huge suffering, so we can get forgettable hits from the new character Howie, like “Turtle Dude”! This […]

Turtle Recall #074 – Rondo in New York

This week we break down the episode “Rondo in New York”. Before talking about the episode, we bring up the sudden rise of action figure prices and give our opinions on them. This is our Halloween-themed episode, as the final climactic fight brings classic movie […]

NP493 – Expansion Pack and Pikmin Bloom!

We are back with another Nintendo Pulse podcast! In this episode, we talk about the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack, the N64 games, and some of the graphical issues I’ve been seeing. We then dig into the week’s news including: Hyrule Warriors DLC, Advance Wars […]

Turtle Recall #073 – Turtlemaniac

This week we break down the episode “Turtlemaniac”. An over-obsessed collector fixated on collecting all things Ninja Turtles, never thought that could be possible. Listen to us as we talk about this episode that probably has the record so far on 4th wall breaks, and […]

Turtle Recall #071 – Shredder’s Mom

This week we break down the episode “Shredder’s Mom”. You know, Shredder’s Mom has it going on. But before we go into that, we look into the recently released video game Nick All-Star Brawl and give our opinions and recommendations. This episode also has rare […]

Turtle Recall #070 – Peking Turtle

This week we break down the episode “Peking Turtle”. We open up with Jason’s hunt for the Ultimate Casey Jones action figure hunt, with his son’s help by telling everyone to “go away”. In this week’s episode, we see that Shredder has control of the […]

NP491 – Nintendo Direct Thoughts

Well we got one heck of a fun Nintendo Direct today. New games were announced, DLC was unveiled, a new Nintendo Online tier was announced with N64 + Genesis games but no price, and we found out that Chris Pratt will be playing the voice […]