PSP Podcast #25

Another week another new PSP Podcast! Lots ofnews to cover this week including the Datel 4gb hard drive, the PSP2TV and Wipeout Pure news. I also bring you a mini game review of Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects for your listening pleasure. Cara is […]

PSP Podcast #24.5

My long awaited review of Medievil Resurrection is finally here. Took long enough hey!? ;) Before that I do cover some of the latest news, suck as the new PSP Pages release and the release of LOAD issue 1. I also chat a bit about […]

PSP Podcast #24

I have lots of news to cover this week on the podcast. I chat about such gems as the PSP2TV and the newly announced Prince of Persia game. On the review block fo this week is the Capdase Luxury Hard Case. As usual, Cara brings […]

PSP Podcast #23

We are late late late. Sorry about that guys! In this episode we have a pile of news and a great episode of The Scene. Cara brings you all the Sims 2 info that you can handle. Check it out! While you are listening to […]

PSP Podcast #22.5

Welcome to the Burnout Legends Special edition of the podcast. The game was so good, it deserved it’s own weekend podcast! So listen on for my mini-game review of Burnout Legends, and some interesting news that cam out late in the week. While you are […]

PSP Podcast #22

In this weeks episode I review Brando’s Aluminium Case and the Large Capacity battery Pack with clip, I do a mini-game review of GripShift as well. Lots of news to report, and Cara is back as always with a new episode of the scene. While […]

PSP Podcast #21

In this weeks episode I review the Capdase Twins case and Deluxe UMD Holders, and I do a mini-game review of Death Jr. (yes finally) as well. Lots of news to report, and Cara is back as always with a new episode of the scene. […]

PSP Podcast #20

It’s Launch Day in the UK! Hopefully you all managed to grab your PSP and a pile of Games and are ready to get down gaming with us US and Canadian PSP owners. In this episode I talk about the UK launch and Wipeout Pure […]

PSP Podcast #19

Lots of news, including some website news… Mr. Smiley is back with a pair of Boxwave reviews, and my Mini-Game review of Metal Gear AC!D is complete. All that and a great episode of the Scene, how could you go wrong? While you are listening […]

PSP Podcast #18

We have lots of news for you guys this week, both release news and news on new homebrew releases. Mrsmiley is back again with a set of cool mobile entertainment reviews, you’ll have to listen to find out what I mean ;) And last but […]

PSP Podcast #17

It’s review time! Mrsmiley is back with a great Mega-Review of various screen protectors for your PSP. I do a couple of mini-reviews on some Brando products. The PSP Light Magnifier and the Rechargable Grip are on the review block for this week. Last but […]

PSP Podcast #16

We have a shorter episode for you this week… I chat a bit about Wipeout Pure and the North American 2.0 firmware update. I do a mini-hardware review of the Nyko Charger Case and Cyko95 is back with another Quick Hits. As always, Cara has […]

PSP Podcast #15.5 is here!

I hinted at the end of #15 that I had a sppecial announcement to make in the coming days, and here it is! Today I would like to announce the launch of a new PSP website. Don’t worry though, this site will not replace […]

PSP Podcast #15

It’s firmware 2.0 review time! It’s coded arms reviews time! It’s the scene time! It’s announce that there is a special announcement coming soon time… ;) If you would like to give it a listen you can either download it directly [mp3 36min 16.5mb], or […]

PSP Podcast #14

PSP Podcast #14 is here, on time and with no screwups! :) It’s a news week. I chat a bit about Wipeout Pure’s Gamma pack 3 and some great homebrew games that have been released lately. Cara is also back with an episode of the […]