Turtle Recall #012 – Enter: The Fly

We talk about some upcoming new items coming that includes an ALL-NEW pinball machine that Jason is completed excited for (and hoping he’ll get for Father’s Day). During the episode discussion, we see that Anna has completely skipped about Baxter’s transformation in her summary, and […]

NP441 – Ion Fury and New Paper Mario!

Nintendo just randomly dropped the announcement trailer for a new Paper Mario game like it’s nothing. Imagine having so many awesome titles coming this year that you didn’t need to do a Direct for this one! I think we will have a crazy year ahead […]

NP440 – It Just Prints Money

Nintendo had their FY20 Earnings call and wow, the Switch is selling like mad. Not only is Animal Crossing New Horizons the best selling game for that fiscal year, but the Switch has now sold over 55 million units. Nintendo is killing it! Enjoy the […]