Turtle Recall #086 – Artless

This week we break down the episode “Artless”. We have our first episode of the European season without Krang and Shredder. Instead, we have 2 generic aliens who want to steal art named after the Ninja Turtles, just by coincidence! We also have our most […]

NP502 – Cowabunga!

Right before starting recording, news dropped that Konami was releasing a new game collection. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection, will be released in the future (no release date yet) and contains 13 TMNT games from the Arcade, NES, SNES, Genesis, and even the […]

Turtle Recall #084 – A Real Snow Job

This week we break down the episode “A Real Snow Job. We get expert help to learn about this episode from Christian from the podcast TMNT – The Talk! As the turtles visit his home country, Austria. We got snow, skies, and the show makes […]

Turtle Recall #083 – Rust Never Sleeps

This week we break down the episode “Rust Never Sleeps”. Before we break down this episode, Jason reminisces on how he watched these episodes for the first time. As for the episode, the Turtles are still in Paris and revisit a bunch of locations that […]

Turtle Recall #082 – Tower of Power

This week we break down the episode “Tower of Power”. We start the European Vacation season and explain why we are deviating from the DVD order. The turtles and splinter go by boat to the city of Paris to stay in the sewers there. The […]

NP499 – Switch Outsold the Wii

The financials are in and Nintendo had a very, very good 2021. We talk about all of this, including the Switch surpassing the sales of the Wii. Who would have predicted THAT five years ago!? If you enjoy what we do here, please consider becoming […]