DeREZD #088 – Moss Review

The sales continue on the PSN store and there are a pile of great VR games available for cheap! This week Will and I talk about those games, talk about some DLC news and then review the amazing Moss. This game is going to be […]

Subsurface Circular Review – Nintendo Switch

I played a large number of text based adventure games on my first computer. Though, that was more due to the technology of the time rather than a creative choice the game developers made. We’ve moved on from glowing characters on a monitor to lifelike […]

Fe Review – Nintendo Switch

Ever since Fe was shown off during EA’s event at E3 2016 I’ve wanted to explore it’s haunting neon landscapes, and the fact that it was coming to the Switch made it a must buy for me. Released as part of Electronic Arts’ new Originals […]

DeREZD #087 – Sprint Vector Review

In this episode of DeREZD Will and I give you our review of the awesome futuristic racing title, Sprint Vector. This game has deep layers of control and flexibility. Even after playing for dozens of hours I’m amazed that the game can give you such […]