DeREZD #069 – Fated: The Silent Oath

This week we have a review of the impressive Fated: The Silent Oath! Fated is $10 and runs about an hour and a half. More than the standard “experience” apps this one plays like a slimmed down adventure rpg. Great voice acting, design and a […]

DeREZD #068 – Who Ya Gonna Call?

On this week’s DeREZD podcast we give our review of the new PSVR Ghostbusters game. Is it worth your $7? (Spoilers: No. Not yet). We also chat a bit about the platform as a whole and discuss the games that are slated to come out […]

DeREZD #067 – PSVR TV Shows

Welcome to another DeREZD PSVR Podcast! In this episode we talk about Unreal Engine quirks, the first VR TV show that’s coming in the fall, new horror titles on the way and much much more! Enjoy the show! If you enjoy what we do here, […]

DeREZD #066 – Moving Product

We have some great news to share about the PSVR this week. The units are selling, games are selling, software is launching. While the start of the year was a little slow, there is nothing but good news now for the PlayStation VR hardware and […]

DeREZD #060 – News Drought Almost Over

With the holidays behind us, it seems like the news drought is nearly behind us! This week we have news about game patches and chat a bit about studio closures and what it really means. It’s not all doom and gloom in PSVRland however, we […]