We welcome you to the first episode of the DS:Life podcast. The Button Mashers Network and Nerdblurb have joined forces to bring you everything that is Nintendo DS.

You asked for it, and now you have it. We hope you enjoy listening to the first in what is sure to be a long running podcast series.

In this episode your hosts Lloyd, Edgar and Steve talk about the UK launch, the colors of the DS, Mario Hoops 3-on-3, the Opera Browser package and the cracked hinge epidemic. Show notes and links can be found after the jump.

Since this is a new podcast, we are eager to listen to your feedback. What do you like, hate or suggest that we change in future episodes? Please email or voicemail us, if we like your comment we may read/play it in a future podcast!

Topics Covered:

  • European DS Lite sales break 200,000 in ten days
  • Mario Hoops 3-on-3 gets Squared.
  • US and Canada getting screwed out of DS:Lite colors.
  • European Opera Web browser has been given a street date of October 6th. Still no word on a US release date
  • Edgar’s Cracked Hinge
  • Voice recognition on Brain Age wierdness.


  1. Bad Conker

    Great podcast guys, keep up the good work.

  2. Great podcast, and good to see the funny aspects of Nerdblurb have been retained in this in the whole Brue and Brack thing, whilst being full o’ ds news.
    Regarding cracked hinges, it is just me, or do the Japanese consoles seem uneffected by this somewhat of an epedemic?

  3. Great addition. This better not mean quitting the blurb though. Nice to hear Lloyd in there as well.

  4. Awesome podcast guys, looking forward for the next one.

  5. Nice podcast guys, definitely worth a listen :)

  6. Once again guys, GREAT show. Now I’m going to be opening iTunes every day to see if another is released. Thanks a lot! There are so many better things I could be doing like…nevermind.

    Anyway, this is definitely the best of both worlds. I love listening to Llyod’s review on PGRevolution because he covers a lot of topics, and his reviews are really in-depth. Then I love the wisecracks and everything else that come out of Edgar and Steve’s mouths. Well, mostly Steve, cause he IS 51% of the funny!

    Keep it up guys! I can’t wait for numero 2!

  7. kC Javier

    hi i just listened to the DS podcast i just wanted to know if you had to pick which game to purchase which DS game would it be ‘BIG BRAIN ACADEMY’ or ‘BRAIN AGE’ tnx for your time
    KC Javier
    Guam,USA PSP/DS Podcast fan

  8. Excellent podcast. Also, here a little more on the cracked hinge via Kotaku: http://www.kotaku.com/gaming/hinge/

  9. Vanamonde

    Enjoyed the show, but the news about the cracks in the hinges on the new DS Lites makes me glad I’m sticking to my original grey DS, they are a lot tougher than they look.

  10. Great Podcast! Subsribed… I like to hear other people my age (with kids) that are playing the thing, and it is the first system that I finally got my wife to play!

    You wanted to know about convincing people to get a DS. At work one person started with a MarioKart DS(not me), then I went out and got one (2 total), when the lite hit the street, I got one, and 2 others did. We now have 10 people at work that have them. We head to the closet food joint that doesn’t mind us sitting around playing games and have fun! It is the best lunch break ever. Games played:
    Kart (of course)
    New Super Mario Bros (mini games)
    Big Brain

    Anyway, the system is awesome!

    BTW, don’t talk so loud when saying “blue” that was the key for me, seems to spike the mic.

  11. Hmm… about the cracked DS Lites:


    Good news for Europeans?

    Great Podcast by the way.

  12. Train a girl to play video games?!?! There is NO way you guys have the Brain Age scores you bragged after laughing at a misogynistic comment like that. You Neanderthal b1tches!

    More seriously, that was funny in a very sad way. No wonder you know all about inflatable sheep.

    I’ve been craving a DS podcast for a while. I’m also embarrassed to say that I’ve been frustrated that Brain Age didn’t accept when I would say “black.” I’m embarrassed to say that “brack” works like a charm. I’m a terrible human being.

    Dig the podcast. It seems well edited with top-notch sound quality, even if the hosts want to sell their testicles. I prefer the name Buenos DS though.

  13. Ack. Scratch the first bit in my comment above: “I’m also embarrassed to say that”

    Ya got me all flustered with that bit about training a girl to play video games. I… just… *tonuge out*

  14. Great podcast. Keep’em coming. Maybe put some soundtrack snippets from the games you talk about in? Just to add a little spice?

    I enjoyed the show!

  15. mattgibbard

    Great first DS Podcast. Just wondering either to get Animal Crossing or Mario Kart for my DS Lite.

    Please Respond

  16. Love the new podcast guys! Found it by searching for ‘DS Lite” podcasts in iTunes and immediately rcognized that voice from the north that I listened too constantly when I owned a PSP.

    I sold my PSP in lieu of the DS Lite and when my 15 yr. old son saw me open it up he went straight to the store and picked up one himself. We love all the multiplayer games requiring only 1-card use.

    Keep up the good work guys…..will be looking forward to more in the future and if the quality is half as good as the PSP Podcast was then this will surely be a hit!

    Please think about a future review of both the Media Player and the Web Browser…thanks again, tell Cara I said “hi” and hope to hear her on some future game reviews!

  17. I really really enjoyyed this! Looking forward to the next episodes, great stuff!

  18. Get Both! But if you have to choose one I’d say… Mario Kart. But they are both great games. Also check out New Super Mario Brothers.

  19. woot these are awesome i downloaded all of them every single 1

  20. With regards to cracked hinges, I have two boys aged 4 and 2 they love to throw my ds lite, and *fingers crossed* no signs of crack yet!

    Maybe being in the UK helps.

  21. hi loved this podcast. you talked about Brain age and how you had to sa brue or brack instead of blue and black. I just sa blue and black

  22. Tara C.

    I googled Buenos DS, because I thought it was a great pun, and found your post.

    Clearly the most intelligent poster ITT.

    -Wizard from the future.

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