We are back with episode number two of the DS:Life podcast. Episode #1 was VERY well received. Thanks to everyone for the great feedback. We post this for you the DS fans, so it’s great to know that you are enjoying what we are doing.

In this episode we talk about the huge success that the DS has been, Tips and Tricks for Trauma Centre, E3 is dead.. sorta, Animal Crossing items for free from Toys’R US, and much much more.

If you have any comments of suggestions please leave us a free voicemail using the MyChingo message box in the right column. Of course you can always call our voicemail line, or send us an email. We read out a pile of email in this episode, if you would like us to read out one of yours.. send them in!

As announced in the podcast, DS:Life will be released every 2 weeks. Hope that helps curb the number of emails we have been receiving on this.

Also, please send in your 60 second game reviews. If we like them they will be played in future podcasts.
Topics Covered:

  • E3 Dead.. Long life E3?
  • Two-Tone DS
  • DS Fasted selling console EVER in Japan.
  • Free Animal Crossing items from Toys’R Us
  • Trauma Centre tips
  • DS:Lite cracked hinge update


  1. Great job on #2 guys….keep up the good work. Would love to hear Cara doing some game reviews in the future, but I know all to well how much time having a baby leaves ya!

  2. Sorry to double post guys but I forgot to mention something.
    You guys recommended Decalgirl.com for DS skins, well if you check on the same site they have official Hori screen protectors that are simply the best on the market for a very reasonable price.
    I’ve used several of their decals for my old PSP and for my current DS and have never had a bad experience with them.
    The Hori protector I have on my DS from them works very well and is totally unnoticable during gameplay. I had originally bought a Hori rip-off from eBay and would advise everyone to stay away from eBay when it comes to screen protectors.
    Thanks again guys, love the show!

  3. Cant wait to hear it tonight. Thanks so much.

  4. Great podcast guys keep it up

  5. Dudes. When you have the PSP Lovers, who DON’T OWN a DS loving, and awaiting the next DS Podcast… You know you’ve done SOMETHING right!

    Awesome job.

    Love Always,

    Mittch :)

  6. Bloodthirst3r

    im glad to see a gaming site that operates out of winnipeg Manitoba. now i actually have something that i can listen to and agree with.

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