We are back with episode number three of the DS:Life podcast.

Well we are not in the Top 10 videogame podcasts on iTunes, thanks to all who have supported us, and a big Hello! to those who are listening for the first time! This episode brings Edgar and I together for 35 minutes of DS news goodness, as sadly Steve could not make it for this recording.

Tune in to get all the info on the new games coming out for the DS, news on the Nintendo Club, a sneak peek at a new shooter coming out, and of course… all the news that you can shake your stylus at!

Also, please send in your 60 second game reviews. If we like them they will be played in future podcasts.

Topics Covered: What Are We Playing Edgar is Playing: Sonic Rush, Beat New Super Mario Lloyd is Playing: Castlevania Still, picked up some budget title for the PS2 and GC Release List

  • Tenchu Dark Secret – Aug 21st
  • Madden NFL 2007 – Aug 22nd
  • Star Fox Command – Aug 28
  • Mech Assault: Phantom War – Aug 29


  • Nocash Emulator released
  • Starwars Lethal Aliance coming to the DS and PSP
  • Game and Watch free in Japan
  • Final Fantasy III pushed back – Nov 1st to Nov 14th
  • Sweet tech demo from Nibris shown – Gameplay for Raid over the River
  • New Super Mario back on top / DS Pummels PSP in Japan
  • DS Oper Browser Review – Video – Text


  1. Nice podcast. I did miss Steve a little, I like the interaction between steve and edgar, but still top notch.

    I really did enjoy number 2 but the fact that I wasn’t wishing this was a PSP podcast made #3 the best so far in my books. I had my psp podcast fix and was refreshed for this one.

  2. Just commenting on the mention(s) of Star Fox Assault for DS. You guys know it’s names Star Fox Command, right?

  3. Yes, we know it’s Command. Somehow we got the name mixed up once, and kept saying it. Happens, we are sorry for the confusion :)

  4. This sold it.

    I caved.

    I bought a DS.

    And Star Fox: Command.

    All is well.

  5. Is #4 out yet? Man…I’m lovin this podcast almost as much as I love my DS. Got my wife into Animal Crossing now and I’ll have to pick up a black DS in a couple weeks just so I can keep playin Trauma Center. Ah you guys are great, keep up the great work and let us know about the cool upcoming games!

  6. Hey Guys! Your podcast is great! I”m so excited about it everyday I return to Itunes To see if u guys have made a new one! Well Hopefully soon. Keep up the excellent work.

  7. Wassup? Anyway I Love ur podcasts so keep up the good work. One Q, WHEN ARE THE DS LITE COLORS COMING OUT?

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