Welcome to the fifth episode of your DS:Life. This episode brings you Lloyd and Edgar to talk about all things DS. It was a light news week leading up to this podcast, so we bring you a pile of listener email to make up for it.

In this episode we talk about the changes over at the bMashers.com forums, discuss the plethora of games coming out in the next two weeks, chat about the 2 important news items of the week -and- bring you oodles and oodles of emails that we’ll happily answer.

We love you listeners, and are happy to play your audio comments and reviews! Keep sending them in guys! Not only do we love receiving them, but if we like them we’ll possibly play your submissions in a future episode of the podcast! So until next time, enjoy your DS:Life.

Edgar is Playing: Tetris, Starfox
Lloyd is Playing: Starfox, Mega Man ZX, LEGO Star Wars II, Loco Roco

Release List

  • 9/18 – Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team
  • 9/18 – Bratz: Forever Diamondz
  • 9/19 – Open Season
  • 9/19 – Konductra
  • 9/19 – Danny Phantom: Urban Jungle
  • 9/19 – Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime
  • 9/25 – Alex Rider: Stormbreaker
  • 9/25 – Mario vs Donkey Kong 2
  • 9/26 – Bubble Bobble Revolution
  • 9/26 – Rainbow Islands Revolution
  • 9/26 – Mage Knight Destiny’s Soldier


  • Official MP3 Player to be Released
  • PGZine Mini issue 2 released Star Fox Review


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