Episode 8 of the DS:Life, your premiere audio source for all things DS has hit. Delays aside, we think that this episode was worth the wait!

We start off with our usual “What are we playing section” then get into all the great DS news for the past couple weeks. Hilights are the DS kicking ass in the UK and Japan, some freebies in Animal Crossing, a sweet Midi homebrew application, and discussion of the games coming out in the next week. Of course we wrap this up by answering your emails. We hope you enjoy it!

So until next time, enjoy your DS:Life.

Topics Covered:

What are we playing

  • Edgar – Wii , Elite Beat Agents
  • Lloyd – WIIIIIIIII, Elite Beat Agents, Children of Mana, Final Fantasy III, Sneak King

Release List

  • Catz
  • Hamsterz Life
  • Horsez
  • March of the Penguins
  • Totally Spies! 2: Undercover
  • Xiaolin Showdown
  • Cartoon Network Racing
  • Kirby Squeek Squad
  • Lionel Trains: On Track
  • Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin


  • PGzine
  • DS Dominates the UK
  • DS King despite PS3 attack in Japan
  • New Hospital Game on the DS
  • UK gets their MP3 on
  • Delta Airlines adds DS download stations
  • Animal Crossing celebrates Wii launch
  • DS Midi Wifi – Other guitar movie we made reference to
  • Create your Own Carts
  • Decal Girl

Emails + Voicemails

  • Ms. DS
  • Eugene
  • Mark
  • Boris Shmernof
  • John Verburg
  • Matthew
  • MitchyD


  1. Denmark is listening.
    Nice work boys, i think your show is great, hopefully the DS will live forever, and you can keep doing shows for a long time ^~^

    Now Playing: Cooking Mama, Bleach, Metroid, Vitiful Joe, Magical Starsign.

    Thumbs up from Skandinavia*

  2. Cool! Thanks guys. I know I was dying for it! :D

  3. Finally ! Christmas has come early ! :)

  4. Just a thought, what about a Nintendo podcast. It wouldn’t be as jumbled as a general gaming podcast but would allow for segments on both the DS and the Wii and all things Nintendo.

    Considering the virtual console on the Wii and the *hopefully* inevitable cross-platform connection between the Wii and the DS it would all mash together nicely. Broad but not overly broad if that makes sense lol

  5. Nice! Thanks for releaseing right around my birthday… HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!! And my Wii…

  6. Good idea Kenny. The DS Life show has a name and a rep now though… For the longest time they were the number one gaming podcast on iTunes… Too bad, almost… If it wasn’t so freakin’ good they could ease that in… :)

    Don’t forget about the forums dudes!

  7. I must be one of those .5% who wasn’t bored by the recording thing. Currently listening to podcast #8, if you guys have animal crossing ds reply w/ friend codes and all that stuff. I feel guilty to cause i havent played in about a month.

  8. You guys have an AWESOME podcast.

    I really liked how you talked about the recording stuff because I’m really trying to get a podcast of my own started at school (I go to Bentley College in Waltham Massachusetts).

    It would be cool if you could talk about how you guys got yours started and how I could go about finding people/getting my own set up.

  9. The Helper Guy

    I do actually have the Nintendo WiFi 2.0 USB Connecter (Powered by Buffalo) and lemme just say that it rocks. I personally dont like,actually hate, Wireless networks because of all the ride by leechers. The Nintendo WiFi USB Connecter though passes my personal firewall and into my favorites list. Like a great trojan, the thought of it jumps into your mind and cannot be moved or deleted from it. I have already activated 1 points card through the N-Connector and downloaded the internet trial verion on the Wii. This is not the first thing i did when i installed the N-Connector is play Lost Magic and it was easy to set up, fast to play, and virtually lag free! But ya i am posting this because you guys said on your Podcast that you would like to know more about the Nintendo 2.0 USB connector.

    Happy Holidays and I hope you get all the presents you asked for!

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