We are back in the ’07 with episode #009 of the DS:Life Podcast. This one was a long time coming, with the holidays, a strange crystaline entity one of our bodies made for us, and more recently 1 half of our recording being nearly unusable.. we’ve gone through a lot to bring you what you are hearing today. Please disregard the audio quality in parts, we were able to salvage most of the audio we recorded, but some was VERY distorted.

In this episode we chat a bit about all the holiday DS news: Dragon Quest coming to the DS, those damn cool Club Nintendo gifts, a DS version of Halo… and even manage to chat a bit about DS homebrew. This is one packed hour long episode that is sure to be music to your ears.

It’s been a while, but it will of been worth the wait. So until next time, enjoy your DS:Life.

Topics Covered:

What are we playing

  • Edgar – Wii, Phoenix Wright
  • Lloyd – Wii, Bomberman Touch

Release List

  • Phoenix Wright: Justice For All – Ships on Jan 16th


  • Dragon Quest IX exclusive to DS
  • Halo DS did exist, was cancelled
  • Club Nintendo gets another cool bonus
  • IPOD Emu
  • DS Motion Card


  1. I just listened to the newest podcast, and loved it. The thing about the wetnaps cracked me up. Next time I see a chubby kid, I’ll think wash your hands. Keep up the GREAT work guys.

  2. I sent this in as an email, but I thought I’d repost it here to get some community response.


    I was listening to episode 9 and someone wrote in about the L button breaking on their onyx DS lite after playing a lot of Metroid Prime: Hunters. The L shoulder button on my white DS lite just stopped working. I bought it within a month of the lite’s release and haven’t played any Metroid Prime on it. It started going out when I was playing Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin (I thought that I wasn’t doing the ‘super jump’ move right). Now I’m playing Mario+Luigi: Partners in Time where the L button is only used for one thing (canceling your choice for bonus points when you level up). It was working sporadically for about a week, but it seems to have died completely. I was thinking of picking up an Onyx one and using the white one as a midi controller (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYDF313Ae7A&eurl=), but I’m a little hestiant to drop another $129 so soon. I’m looking forward to hearing if you get a lot of responses from others with the same problem.

    Also. Can you recommend any games that don’t use the L button? Will I be able to play Elite Beat? Rocket Slime? Any other recommendations?

    Thanks for any info. Keep up the good work.


  3. Great Podcast! Keep it up guys!

  4. Hey guys. Funny thing. I just left a message asking about your newest podcast and then I opened up iTunes and it was downloading Ep.9 ^_^. Good timing I guess. I think you guys should do some side projects reviewing all the WFC Games new and old.

  5. I just listened to 9 and first, Phoenix Wright is awesome. Second, I was addicted to Choose Your Own Adventure Books, and I cheated all the time. I still have some of them.

  6. Hey guys. Love the show. Especially the fact that one of you is in the US and one is in Canada (I live in Toronto). I am all for the DS Life Podcast having a Wii little segment about the Wii (sorry…that was bad). I recently picked up a Wii and have a DS Lite, so learning info from you guys on both platforms would be most appreciated. Since I think Nintendo will have the two systems interact before too long, I think that it will be impossible not to talk DS without talking Wii. Keep up the good work.

  7. Another entertaining podcast – soon as I’m done here I’m going back to Phoenix Wright as I haven’t played it for ages.
    Stop teasing us guys! Where’s the ‘Nintendo Life’ podcast? We want more Wii!

  8. MY GOD!

    Freakin’ awesome show, I love it. Edgar’s grand finale was truly one of the funniest thing I’ve ever heard.


  9. Hey,

    Great show yet again guys. The only problem is I don’t know how both of you seemed to fall for the online joke about Halo on the DS….. it’s so not true.

  10. your podcast had me cracking up in class room about the nintendo wet nap

  11. Ki, I don’t think we are talking aboutthe same thing. The Halo DS that were referred to was one that matt Cassimasina talked about playing. He is the chief Nintendo Fanboy over at IGN.com and it’s very doubtful that he would lie in a blog post.

    If you are referring to the Halo 2 on DS video on youtube, yeah.. that is most definitely a fake. A poorly done one at that.

  12. I’ve had an Onyx DS Lite since Christmas, and have played a lot of Mario Kart since then. Not hours and hours a day, but I’ve played through all the single player modes, and played some online. I haven’t noticed any problems with my L button yet, so I thought I’d mention it. If I have any problems, I’ll be sure to let you know.

  13. Adrian (mexico)

    the L shoulder button in my ds lite stopped working too, while playing mario kart ds it worked sporadically and about five months later (today) it stopped working !i can’t beat lunar knights!!! is there something i can do? can it be fixed?

  14. Unknown (México)

    Does anyone knows where can i find some lunar knights midis… or boktai pile driver theme?

  15. Both of the freakin’ shoulder buttons on my DS stopped working! Now, I can neither snake in Mario Kart, nor use items with the L button.
    I seen some website (with questions and answers), and it talked about the non-working buttons, and the answer said, “Return it to Nintendo, and they’ll send you another one.”

  16. Who ever said blowing into the button thats stopped working i love them to hell :D :D :D thank you, My L button had stopped working just lift up the buttons as far as they go without breaking them then blow at all angles into all open spaces in buttons !!! it will work just keep doing it


  17. hey drdeath15, that was great advice. thanks. :)
    my left shoulder button had stopped working but i followed your advice of blowing down the cracks and hey presto, revolution! ;)


  18. Cool Girl

    thw r button on my white ds lite stopped working, and i just got it for my birthday in march, 2008. Do you know where i can fix it?

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