We are back for another episode of the DS:Life podcast. We hope that you all had a good week, as we sure did! In this episode we talk about Konami’s Gamers day, Raid over the River, EA’s pledge to be Nintendo’s #2 developer, and of course we mention how crazy good the DS is selling in Japan. Who’d of thunk that nearly a year after it’s release that people would still be lining up to buy a DS Lite. It’s a crazy crazy world we live in.

So until next time, enjoy your DS:Life.

Show Notes

Topics Covered:

What are we playing

  • Edgar – Phoenix Wright
  • Lloyd – Hotel Dusk

Release List

  • Underground Pool
  • Fossil League Dino Tounament!
  • Diddy Kong racing
  • Lunar Knights
  • Winning Eleven: Pro Soccer 2007


  • Raid over the River becomes ROTR
  • DS sales still VERY strong in Japan
  • EA Pledges to be Nintendo’s #2 developer
  • Buy a Japanese to English dictionary, get a free game!
  • Konami’s Gamer Day 2007: Death Jr, GoPetz, Konami Classic Series, Los in Blue 2

Reviews and Email

  • Email: Jay Lee
  • Email: Rob
  • Email: Luke
  • Email: Greg


  1. Same game art huh? ;)

    Fantastic show

  2. Justin_Credible449

    Lloyd!!! If your into Hotel Dusk than you’ve really got to get your hands on a copy of Touch Detective DS! It plays the same way as on of the old school Sierra Quest games…….. and you say they don’t make adventure games like that anymore…. pwnd!

  3. Lego chat rooms……wow. I believe that is one of the signs of the apocalypse.

    Great show guys.

  4. when i first listen to this podcast i thought i had got the wrong one because of the intro, even know that i didnt get the turning to 11 thing the first time it got it the 2nd time tho

  5. Hey guys!, I love the podcast, and you might want to check out Trace Memory, it is a short game for the DS, and it is very fun, a “Potty Game” if you will, it is full of puzzles, and it has a very good story to it as well, Lol, I guess I should just do a 60 secend review for it xD, Ah I will do it later, once I am out of school, and thanks again for the great podcast =D

  6. Hey guys, great show. As I work through the night on freelance crud, I’d like to give a no-shout-out to a game i purchased and QUICKLY returned: Diddy Kong Racing. I was really excited about this game, i absolutely loved playing it back in the N64 generation (high school for me). It just didn’t work for me on the DS. I kept wanting it to ‘feel’ like Mariokart DS and maybe that’s my problem. The graphics weren’t quite what I thought they could be either for the DS. I also miss powersliding. How wrong is it for me to compare it to another franchise kart racing game? Maybe really wrong, but the night i got it I returned it opened and my retailer gave me a full refund trade for Elite Beat Agents. Normally this trite is not allowed by customers but he must have felt my regret. EBA rules and I play it a lot more than I know i would have played Diddy. Play before you buy that one. It’s probably worth it if you haven’t played Mariokart DS, but what are the odds of that?

  7. Hey guys, awesome podcast, but If you’re into hotel dusk, just buy one off of ebay [price:lowest first] or just look for it every days in stores. Also got any news on animal crossing wildworld?

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