We have a great new DS:Life podcast for your listening pleasure. We have lots of old and lots of very new news to talk about in this episode. Highlights include a full E3 rundown, chat about quakecon, some new accessories to chat about, and something about Microsoft making games for the DS.

It sounds like we were breaking up and losing sync near the end, but nothing too too terrible. Enjoy this episode and see you guys soon!

So until next time, enjoy your DS:Life

Show Notes

Topics Covered:

What are we playing

  • Edgar – Resident WiiVil, Transformers, Pokemon
  • Lloyd – Brothers in Arms DS, Marathon: Durandal

Release List

  • Deal or No Deal
  • Ultimate Puzzle Games: Soduku edition
  • Dynasty Warriors DS: Fighter’s Battle
  • Bratz Ponyz
  • Chameleon: To Dye For
  • Drake & Josh
  • Pet Alien
  • Picross
  • Glory Days 2
  • Professional Fisherman’s Tour
  • Spelling Challenges and More
  • Mega Man Starforce Dragon (GameSpot – EBgames only)
  • Mega Man Starforce: Leo
  • Mega Man Starforce: Pegasus


  • Dragon Quest Remakes to the DS
  • Contra 4 Hands on at Comicon
  • E3 2007: DS WAY under-represented at the Nintendo press event, Jam Sessions on display. Learn to play Guitar, Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, Brain Age 2
  • QuakeCon Announcements: Orcs and Elves, Quake III Arena
  • Call of Duty Modern Combat hitting the DS
  • Super Dodgeball DS (no US announcement yet)
  • Arkanoid DS announced – paddle controller included!
  • Nintendo’s Sliding Action Peripheral
  • Viva Pinata DS announced – Same game as the 360 version, using pre-rendered 3d Sprites like Diddy Kong on the Snes
  • Powershot Pinball Constructor
  • DS crowned Market Leader, finall overtaking the PS2
  • Brain Age 2 Special Edition DS

Reviews and Email

  • EMAIL: Will Sulivan
  • EMAIL: Marcos


  1. HOLY ****!!!

  2. Welcome back guys. I’ve always enjoyed your podcasts and I’m glad to see things come together again.


  3. Just some FYI, Picross was released in the US, it just had a very small fan following.


    The only reason I know about it is probably because it was one of my favorite Game Boy games of all time. Good game, just wasnt incredibly popular.

  4. Great to have you guys back. Just listened to the podcast. Thanks for keeping going after a long break. I’ve enjoyed the show since #001.

    Spoiler Alert:
    Congrats on the upcoming baby
    End spoiler.

    Keep it up guys.

  5. Anyways, thanks for the great new episode. Sorry for bugging you, but an answer to that one email for good games is Dragon Quest: Rocket Slime. It is an absolutely amazing game. I loved it and cherish it to this day.

  6. Great to have you back guys. it’s indeed crazy that the DS is dominating like it is. As Wii owners, are you as bummed as i am that there doesn’t seem to be any nintendo news about the DS/Wii connectivity? The download station wii would be incredibly ideal and tempting to an audience with so many ds-owners. O to be a fly on the wall in a Nintendo planning meeting.

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