We are back with a new episode of the DS:Life podcast. See, you didn’t have to wait 6 weeks this time ;) In this episode we chat about Drawn to Life, go over some of the news from Quakecon, mention a couple new games that are coming to our fave little hand held including one that resembles WipEout, and finally Edgar is happy to hear about the new DS colour coming out.

So until next time, enjoy your DS:Life

Show Notes

Topics Covered:

What are we playing

  • Edgar – Resident WiiVil, Transformers, Pokemon
  • Lloyd – Mario Strikers Charged, Marathon: Durandal

Release List

  • Heroes of Mana
  • High School Musical
  • Luminous Arc
  • Madden NFL 08
  • Operation: Viet Nam
  • Rune Factory: Fantasy Harvest Moon


  • Chibi Robo: Park Patrol – a Nintendo made title is seeing a limited release
  • Drawn to Life Video Preview
  • Orcs vs. elves gameplay video
  • 07 Commando heading to DS, if Contra wasn’t enough for you
  • Namco Museum gone gold!
  • UBI Soft Imagine Line …Good or bad for the industry
  • WipEout cloned for DS – Called Rapid Raccoon
  • Crimson and Onyx DS IS also coming to the US Aug 21st
  • Cooking Momma sequel coming 2008 to DS and Wii
  • Wiimote-like functionality for DS successor
  • Fan made guitar hero DS concept

Reviews and Email

  • EMAIL: John
  • EMAIL: Trey
  • EMAIL: Jonathon Self


  1. Great podcast, as usual. BTW, if you guys are still playing Pokemon, I wanna battle one of you. So yeah, just tell if you’re up for a battle any time soon.
    Keep up the good work!
    – WTI

  2. Awesome podcast as usual. I just want to thank you for answering my question. You’ll be getting a review of a game that I’ve been playing a lot of lately and I’ve yet to hear it mentioned on the podcast.

  3. Funny that I was mentioned in your podcast, but I never called you a jackass, Lloyd!? Maybe you’re one, but still! Rocket Slime is still the best game! And Ruune Factory is amazing as well! Luminous Arc, too. FFIII sux.

  4. DsLife guys are back Finally :D
    keep it up appreciate the podcast guys.

  5. Listening to you’re podcast while I’m leaving this comment. You guys are pretty much the only podcast I look forward to, right after ninja warrior, and you guys are awesome. I have a black DS Lite, I bought it about six months ago, and after listening to the first few episodes, I have been Iooking for that fracture you guys got, mine doesn’t have one. Also, you’re take on the DS browser was wrong, ever since I bought it, it seldomly leaves my DS Lite. The load times aren’t that bad, if you disable the images, it cuts the load times to almost a third of the time. I think that you should include the Ninja Gaiden game for the DS in the next podcast.
    Star Fox Command was as good as you say. I think I could beat you guys in a one-on-one battle.
    You guys really are great at doing this.

  6. Ehm.. how is this show not dead? atleast post something so that we know you’re alive and well.

  7. Gahhh.. isn’t it time for a new podcast?

  8. like duude, isnt it time for a new podcast?!

  9. Okay.
    Are you two done doing the podcasts?

  10. great podcast i been waiting and waiting lol hope podcast number 21 comes out but i have a question you guys chated about the Ds Browser but u didnt really talk much about it well For people tht are planning to buy one then buy it cuz the Browser rockz it doesnt have java or flash so what? most of the site dont need them and everyone hated the Browser most is the Speed but i think its a ok speed its a mobile Browser what u expect and btw(by the way) goin to most of the site is fast but if the site have lot of image it will need to take some time about 1-2min but its way better than the psp.. the ds u can see the whole page and typing is faster than ever…so if u want a browser on the go u have to get the Ds browser heres my review :) hope u like it

  11. Where did you guys go? I’m starting to worry.

  12. Guys? I still check for your podcasts everyday ;_;

  13. Could you guys at least post an update telling us what’s up? This wait is killing us.

  14. i have being cheking this website from two motns now, and nothing,, i ddnt want to leave a comment but o well. we miss u guys. please people leave more comments to show them that we care,,,! whooo

  15. I’m BAAAAAAACK. Quit slacking off, guys. At least tell us what’s going on, for christ’s sake. This is the time where we need you the most, with Zelda and Chibi-Robo and all them good games are coming at us!

  16. Is there going to be another podcast this year or not. Tell me if there is. There’s a bunch of new games coming to the DS that everyone is dying to hear about. Come on! Get another podcast going!

  17. What is taking so long to get the next podcast out? I’m getting anxious for news about new games coming for the DS.

  18. I think they’re done. i’m getting the feeling their days of podcasting these shows are gone.

  19. Well Edgar is still doing his podacast over at NerdBlurb.com but they rarely post a podcast. Like once ever 2 months or longer. They just posted one about a week ago.

  20. Is there a place to post comments at NerdBlurd so we can find out what is going on?

  21. Disgruntled Listener

    Well, they’ve got until Saturday to post a new podcast and if they don’t and fail to update on what the problem is or if they’re quiting then I’m deleting my RSS feed and saying goodbye to this podcast with it’s lazy ass hosts.

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