Howdy all, we are back with another episode of the DS:Life podcast! In this episode we talk about a lot of new game info from Japan, discuss the rumours of a new DS coming at E3, experience some technical difficulties and of course answer some listener mail!

So until next time, enjoy your DS:Life

Show Notes

Topics Covered:

What are we playing

  • Edgar – House of Dead 2 & 3, Professor Layton, Rock Band, SSB
  • Lloyd – Mass Effect

Release List

  • MLB 2K8 Fantasy Allstars
  • Rondo of Swords
  • High School Musical 2: Work it out
  • Cory in the House


  • YesAsia hashad the silver paddle in stock, ordered mine!
  • Miles Edgeworth: Perfect Prosecutor website opens – more info
  • UK Raid busts pirate ring selling DVDs with £6,000 of DS games on it
  • Gauntlet DS coming from Eidos – WiFi Play with voicechat!!
  • New Castlevania
  • New DS in 08 (announced at e3??)?
  • Video showing off the Korg-DS10 … O M G
  • Final Fantasy VI Confirmed 06-22

Reviews and Email

  • VOICEMAIL: Rachel – Invisible Shield
  • EMAIL: Peta
  • EMAIL: Lurch
  • EMAIL: Michael


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