Happy August everybody! The summer is quickly coming to a close, and for everybody but us gamers that’s a bad thing. For us it means that an onslaught of great games are coming just in time for winter!

Announcements for this episode are the revamped Nukoda.com and the announcement of a live show next weekend, Saturday August 9th at 1PM CST!

In this episode we talk about all of the big news from E3 (yes, I realize we are late to the party on this one), Peggle for the DS, Grand Theft Auto, R4 Lawsuits, Grand Theft Auto, Guitar Hero: On Tour Decades and GRAND THEFT AUTO (Ok, all that’s been released is the logo, we talked about that.)

So until next time, enjoy your DS:Life

Show Notes

Topics Covered:

What are we playing

  • Edgar – WiiFit
  • Lloyd – N+ PSP, Final Fantasy IV, Loads of iPhone Games

Release List

  • Final Fantasy IV
  • Quick Yoga Training
  • Professor Brainium
  • The Cheetah Girls: Passport to Stardom
  • GRiD
  • Little League World Series
  • Rock Blast


  • Guitar Hero: On Tour Decade announced – allows song sharing with original On Tour users
  • Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars – will include Wifi Connection
  • Apogee is working on Duke Nukem Trilogy for the DS
  • Pokemon Platinum trailer shown
  • Transformers Animated the game announced – looks great
  • Peggle coming to the DS – finally confirmed
  • Moto Racer DS shown – looks amazing, controls well
  • Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days – just announced at the invite only DKE3713 party – 4 player wireless co-op – releasing “this winter” in Japan
  • R4 lawsuits backfire

Reviews and Email

  • EMAIL: none :(


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