After some technical difficulties with this episode, we are back! So sorry for the delay! In this episode we talk a bit about some games we’ve been playing, like Moon and Dragon Quest IV, talk about a new peripheral coming to the DS in Japan, get our Pokemon on, and wrap up with some talk of GTA and the DS sales in 2008.

Watch for a new show soon, and as mentioned in the episode and new DSlifePodcast . com is coming soon, check back to make sure your subscription is OK!

Until next time, enjoy your DS:Life!

Show Notes

Topics Covered:

What are we playing

  • Edgar – nothing!
  • Lloyd – Dragon Quest IV, Moon

Release List

  • Petz Horsez Ranch
  • The Chase: Felix Meets Felicity
  • Imagine: Cheerleader
  • Jojo’s Fashion Show
  • Coraline


  • Directional Card to assist in Stargazing
  • Nintendo registers a bajillion Pokemon trademarks
  • Another Spore game coming, Spore Hero Arena
  • Indy Coming to DS
  • GTA China Town Wars news Explosion – Many gaming sites finally had hands on time.
  • DS sells 9.95 million units in 2008
  • Big Bang Mini Soundtrack available for Free

Reviews and Email

  • EMAIL: SaltyP

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