If you are seeing this, or are hearing this, you are successfully getting the podcast from the new DSLifePodcast.com WHEW! That’s a load off my mind!

In this episode we talk about more Final Fantasys then you can shake a stick at, boxing fun on the DS, Peggle *nuff said*. We hope you enjoy the show, and also the new website! Watch out for more exciting things happening in the coming months!

Until next time, enjoy your DS:Life!

Show Notes

Topics Covered:

What are we playing

  • Edgar – Ghost Squad, Super Mario Galaxy, Moon
  • Lloyd – Soul Bubbles, Dragon Quest IV

Release List


  • More DS Final Fantasy remakes coming, Final Fantasy Legends II (SaGa2) announced – official site, then and now
  • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Echos of time release date announced
  • PopCap calls Peggle: Dual Shot the “Ultimate Version”
  • 2K Sports Announces Don King Boxing for the Wii and DS
  • Globulos.com reopens, will be shipping for DSiWare
  • Mario and Luigi 3 Official Japanese site open
  • Legacy of Ys ships with Soundtrack CD, was previously a pre-order bonus

Reviews and Email

  • EMAIL: Greg


  1. Love the show guys. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks guys for posting another great episode!
    I got 39 first so after listening to 38 just now, I wanted to tell you that I’ve been with you guys since 2006.
    I even dug into the psp podcast, and wiispot even though I don’t own em(That’s how I started for ds life and touch of gaming too, just interest in the console, thanks Lloyd, I spent $129 and $229 with deadly British Columbian 13% TAX!!)

    Also just touching on this issue, Edgar, do not dare to insult Job’s creations!!
    if you ever heard of great games such as Payback, Rolando, Hero of Sparta, you should learn to respect the iPhone.
    I agree that it is flooded with crap free and €99 games and has avalanche of puzzle games, IT IS A LEGIT GAMING PLATFORM.
    I think one of its power is the flexibility of the price and the App Store which frees developers from not releasing great titles because of profitability and the consumers from wasting their money on transportation, packaging, and distribution.

    Anyways, since our main topic is DS I just have to tell you that you guys ROCK!

    P.S. Have you heard the rumour of premium game section in the app store?

  3. Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know that you’re my favorite podcast and I’m so glad you’re back in action! All I’m buying games for right now is my DS so I especially appreciate it right now. I can’t wait for the swarm of awesome RPGs coming out!

  4. So you guys keep talking about Soul Bubbles I have played it so much and my fiance loves it. But the frustrating part is we can’t get through the last level. I have looked for FAQs around the web but I have had no luck. Can anyone help me?

  5. keep up the good work also just wondering will you be changing the ds life podcast when the dsi comes out

  6. lightingj2

    Hey guys, I love your show man.
    I wonder if I should get a DS lite now or wait for the DSi. And when is the DSi going to come out in the US?
    keep up the good work guys

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