The DSi is here, and we are here to tell you all about it! Nintendo’s new handheld has made a splash in the news, and also in our gametime! Tune in and hear what Edgar and I think about the system, it’s awesome features and strange quirks!

If you are interested in DSiWare I give a rundown on some of the launch titles that I’ve had the opportunity to play. Also in this episode we talk about Personal Trainer Walking, the first DSi enhanced title will hit soon, a video on demand service may hit our favorite little handheld, and finally talk about a new flash game on Rockstar’s site that will give you some ingame cash in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars!

Until next time, enjoy your DS:Life!

Show Notes

Topics Covered:

What are we playing

  • Edgar – Non DS – Boom Blox, SMG, L4D, DS – Rhythm Heaven, Henry Hatsworth, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
  • Lloyd – DSi, Rhythm Heaven, Henry Hatsworth

Release List

  • C.O.R.E.
  • Black Sigil: Blade of the Exiled
  • The Dark Spire
  • Dokapon Journey


  • DSi – What it is, how it is
    • System
    • Built-in functionality
    • DSiWare Games
      • Warioware Snapped
      • Art Style AQUARIA
      • Bird & Beans
      • DSi Browser
  • DSi sells 600k in US/UK
  • Personal Trainer: Walking to ship with pedometer, DSi support
  • First DSi Enabled Game
  • Nintendo says that Wii VOD service could hit DSi
  • Upcoming flash game will net you cash in GTA:CW
  • DSvision gets Anime box set

Reviews and Email

  • EMAIL: Vicky Bagely


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