What do GTA, GPS and DSi all have in common? Well, besides being acronyms they are all topics covered in this week’s DS:Life podcast! Edgar joins me again for a great episode of the show, one that has a bit of controversy!

In this week’s show we talk about the amazing DSi sales numbers, clue you in to a new DS Lite bundle hitting the stores, chat a bit about Scribblenauts and then Edgar and I discuss the poor sales of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. I have some ideas on why the sales are so low, and how Nintendo could assist in fixing this problem… both ideas that Edgar disagrees with! It makes for some great chatter, and we are eager to see what you guys think. Please comment on this post and let us know what YOU think of the GTA sales. Also, as talked about in the show, please answer our Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars poll. It’s located in the sidebar below the subscribe links!

Until next time, enjoy your DS:Life!

Show Notes

Topics Covered:

What are we playing

  • Edgar – Shaun White, Wolverine, Book Blox, Henry Hatsworth
  • Lloyd – Dr. Mario, Henry Hatsworth

Release List

  • I Love Horses
  • Elite Forces: Unit 77
  • Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier


  • Dr. Mario Express – 500pts
  • Clubhouse Games Express: Card Classics – 500pts
  • Paper Airplane Chase – 200pts


  • DSi launch numbers out 435k
  • The DS Rocks… but this is ridiculous
  • Nintendo releasing a Lime Green DS bundle in time for Mom’s Day
  • GTA Sales tank.. not good
  • A DS Lite GPS unit coming out?
  • Scribblenauts get a Publisher
  • Gameboy turns 20! – Checkout the time line

Reviews and Email

  • EMAIL: Trevor Hackworth


  1. legolord331

    How come you didnt do my review on Civ:Rev
    PS: I am writing this on my DSi.

  2. Hi guys,

    yes, I pirated GTA:CW. It was hard to get it working. The savefile size was a special one which only worked on 1 flashcard. After a few days, the first fixes showed up and in a week, it worked on every flashcard. I arm7 and arm9 patched it to get it working. I replaced the arm7 and arm9 files in the ROM using DSlazy. Why? Because I had to pay 40 euro’s for this game which is $52,89 USD. I paid 165 euro, $218 USD for my DSi so another 50 bucks was just too much. I still buy nintendo points, simply because it’s cheap and easy but I don’t buy cartridge games because they’re just way too expensive.

    I loved the Podcast,
    Frank van Hunnik (Listener since 2006)

  3. JordanSnyder

    Frank, I’m not going to call you out or beg you to stop pirating, but I just want to say how bad it is for the industry. If everyone started to pirate games, developers and publishers wouldn’t make any money, and therefore, the whole industry would collapse. I’m just wondering why people would want to pirate when it’s crippling the industry that they love.

    P.S. If you didn’t buy the DSi, you would still have enough money to buy multiple DS games; it seems like you were just being selfish there.

  4. I played a copy of GTA:CW on a CycloDS for about 5 minutes to confirm compatibility and deleted it. I actually have no desire to play the game. GTA was never my thing. But I understand those people who “try before they buy”. I’ve done it myself before. If a game gets any decent gameplay in the house, I’ll go buy it to give the developer credit. Also keep in mind that I’ve seen a lot of GTA:CW selling used at Gamestop, which doesn’t count for sales figures.

  5. jackal27

    Another great show guys! Keep it up! Still my most anticipated podcast on the internets!

  6. Hiya guys,

    I picked up GTA: Chinatown Wars during its launch week. Did see a lot of copies on shelves when I picked it up but knew that wasn’t any indication of sales since Walmart had lots of stacks of GTAIV during that launch week. We all know how well that title sold during its first week.

    In my opinion the sales of Chinatown Wars definitely aren’t great but they aren’t abysmal. Like you guys mentioned it might turn out to be one of those slow burn titles.

    I’m not exactly sure but I believe both GTA’s on the PSP took around a year for either to break a million copies sold so maybe Chinatown Wars will follow that path as well.

    As for pirating I still don’t believe it’s quite to the level of affecting software as it has for the PSP. Mostly because of the fact that prior to the DSi there was no real easy way to load pirated games onto the DS. I’m still not sure if that’s the case but the homebrew and/or pirating community are extremely resourceful.

    With the DSi I believe Nintendo will have more control over the pirating issue. They could implement the need of a firmware update for the game to be playable. This takes a bit from the quick popping in of a game of course but I don’t think Nintendo has many options besides though. I’m not a programmer though so take those opinions with a grain of salt.

    Really love the show guys and keep up the great work,


  7. I believe that the GTA Chinatown Wars, is one of those underrated masterpieces that is damaged by the DS itself. People believe that the DS is an underpowered piece of junk, when in fact, it is an innovative device that has masterpieces like Castlevania, Professor Layton, and The World Ends With You. It may take a while for people to realize this, but maybe soon we shall see more people attracted by this legendary device.

  8. Hey guys, enjoying the show.

    Need to make a correction, Chinatown Wars is not the only GTA on a Nintendo platform. There was a Grand Theft Auto Advance. My understanding is it didn’t sell well, but it reviewed well too. Also, I disagree that CW didn’t sell well. Since when is 90K units in less than two weeks poor sales? That’s pretty strong for a third party title on a handheld platform.

    Last point, I agree with both of you on the piracy issue. Yes, tons of people are pirating the game. Piracy on DS is a major problem, no matter if people try to suggest that how much something costs is a valid argument for theft. However, most people who steal games wouldn’t buy them no matter how little they cost, or how hard it is to steal them. Incentives to buy games are a good idea, but I wonder how much effect they have on thieves.

  9. Piracy is a crime.
    I don’t want to sound like a ‘goodie two shoes’ but if you enjoy playing a game then you should be happy to part with money for it. Imp not totally against the ‘try before you buy’ philosophy but if your one of those people with an R4 card full of games that you have paid no money for then you should feel cheep, and if you don’t then you are immoral.

    And as for the price of games, my friends and I picked up GTA:CW for £17.99 (around $27) new – with free delivery (which actually arrived the day before release!), so don’t grumble about the price of games.
    There are loads of retailers to choose from so shop around for the best price.

  10. Stephanie920

    Where are you guys? I miss the podcast! I hope you’re still going to do the show.

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