On this episode of DuckTalks Pirate Steven is away and friend of the show Josh joins Mitch to discuss more episode shuffles, Todd McFarlane draws DuckTales!?, Will Daisy Duck be in the reboot?, The DuckTales comic by IDW, and a review of the latest episode “The Infernal Internship of Mark Beaks!”


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  1. Darkwing is definitely coming back. There was an image “accidently” shown at Comic Con Of his new costume, and we also got this (skip to 1:29).


  2. I’m going to guess that was his Voice Actor’s normal voice. And speaking of Glomgold, his voice actor Keith Ferguson also voiced Lord Hater on Wander Over Yonder, so all I could think about during his scenes is Glomgold is a Scottish Lord Hater.

  3. Hey Megaeliz,

    Agreed, DW is going to be on DuckTales and he will be voiced by Jim Cummings. We will be discussing this more on episode 4. And we hope to have a surprise on the podcast once the DW episode airs!

    The final Glomgold scene made my jaw drop! He’s such a faker. The VAing in this show is perfect.

    Thanks for listening and for commenting.

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