Warning! This episode is a little bit different. We had a game plan, but it all fell apart. But you know what? New episodes of DuckTales are coming in May, and we can’t wait to talk about that. In this episode of DuckTalks Mitch and Josh discuss Amazon Affiliates, spoilers in Launchpad’s Notepad (spoiler free, how’s that for talent?), and IDW’s DuckTales #8 is out this week. Josh leaves and Mitch is joined by his daughters for a spoiler free review of Launchpad’s Notepad, and then he wraps up the episode alone… is that awkward? We hope you enjoy episode 18 of DuckTalks!

Saturday Morning Rewind Chuck McCann Tribute


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DuckTales: Launchpad’s Notepad: Jokes To Quack You Up!


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