Excuse us while we catch up. Yes, DuckTalks has been behind, but with this larger podcast episode we attempt to catch up before next week’s epic “Let’s Get Dangerous!” Join us as we review “The Trickening!” and “The Forbidden Fountain of the Foreverglades!”, and discuss the many promos for “Let’s Get Dangerous!” Oh, and we have some news and DuckMerch to discuss.



“Let’s Get Dangerous!” Casting And Images From ET!

New DuckTales (2017) Pin

New DuckTales Episodes In November?!

Let’s Get Dangerous! Promo Trailer

Darkwing Duck Special Promo!

“Let’s Get Dangerous Sneak Peak!”

More “LGD!” Previewy Goodness!

Disney XD Releases “LGD!” Image!

DuckTales Monday Night Rating



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