The Videokid – First Look – Nintendo Switch

The Videokid is a modern take on Paperboy. Skate down the street, throwing video cassettes, and get to the end to meet your girlfriend. This game is absolutely drenched in 80s references and voxel versions of your favorite TV and Movie characters. Please Vote, leave […]

Bombslinger – First Look – Nintendo Switch

Bombslinger is a Bomberman-inspired Spaghetti Western action game with rogue-like elements. One of my favourite games to play at a party is Bomberman. Can a single-player Bomberman game hold my attention? Well if not.. this one also includes a multiplayer mode for bomb-slinging fun!

Hollow Knight – First Look – Nintendo Switch

Hollow Knight was a surprise release during Nintendo’s E3 2018 presentation. This cult classic reviewed high on many other platforms, let’s see how this Metroidvania-styled game plays on the Switch! Please Vote, leave a Comment and / or Subscribe for more REZD content! ➜ Connect […]