We have a great show for you this week! Wave 8 has been released, so Daniel and Lloyd run down the sets and show off the builds. We also talk about what Wave 9 *should* be, talk about a possibly cancelled figure, chat about E3 then dig into LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2! Enjoy the show!

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  1. Jake Di Toro

    I’m a little upset about how dismissive about the Dimension tournaments at your local theater. If they’re bringing in people and those folks are having fun what does it matter. After all that was your comment about people playing Dimensions in general even though it’s “dead”..

  2. I wasn’t being dismissive of the game because it’s “dead”. I was saying that it’s funny to be releasing so much advertising featuring a game that is “dead”. I still play the game, often, so I obviously don’t feel that dropping the game whole hog is a good thing to do.

    It’s just amazing how decisions made can have ripples for months and months.

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