Well, we have an interesting show for you all this week. On Wednesday March 16th Dan over at BricksToLife.com posted up a bombshell of an article. All signs (and the information provided to him from people working on the game) pointed to the conclusion that LEGO Dimensions was quietly being cancelled. We spend a long time discussing this topic.

That’s not all though as we actually started the show off with our thoughts on the amazing LEGO Worlds. So far this Minecraft meets LEGO Standalone games mashup is keeping me interested. You can build, destroy and quest over an endless number of procedurally generated worlds… with a friend! Finally we can play online multiplayer in a LEGO game! Let’s hope this is the first of many games to support this.

Oh yeah.. we also changed names!? Inside Dimensions is dead, long live Inside LEGO! We were covering all the LEGO digital games already, but wanted to make it official… so here it is! Same great show, new improved name :)

Enjoy this episode folks, it’ll be interesting to see how the community reacts to the news. Please keep the comments civil!

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