Inside Dimensions #023 – Leaks and Star Wars

Welcome to another Inside Dimensions podcast! In this episode we cover the latest Harry Potter and Adventure Time leaks, talk about Green Arrow figures in Australia and more! We also wrap things off with some thoughts on LEGO Star Wars the Force Awakens. Enjoy the […]

Inside Dimensions #021 – E3 Newsplosion!

So E3 happened and man, did TT Games ever deliver! We have all sorts of news for Season 2 of LEGO Dimensions now and it’s turning into nostalgia overload! Goonies, Gremlins, A-Team, Harry Potter, Ghostbusters (the new one!) and much much more. We run down […]

Inside Dimensions #015 – Will Plays

We are back with another episode of the Inside Dimensions podcast! This week we finally are able to catch up with Will and get his full thoughts on the game. What were the hits? The misses? We also talk about some great sales and show […]