We have a full show for you this week, a lot of great information. We talk about the Disney Infinity “Vault” and “Toy Maker.” We talk about how Disney Infinity came to be and what role John Lasseter played in the creation of the game. We also discuss the Designing Figures Video that was released at the end of this week. We are having our first listener give away so make sure you listen for that. Lastly, and this is the big one. At the end of the podcast, we have a very special exclusive. Some never before heard info about one of the major systems in the game. Make sure you listen until the very end for this bit of information, as it was so late breaking, we tacked it on at the end. Remember this is an enhance podcast so if you are listening on your computer or on a player, you can interact with the podcast and learn more about the topics being discussed.

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