Jason and I run down the weeks news and prepare for the new figure release.  We discuss the Disney Infinity Chapter Books coming next month.  A partnership with Random House Kids Publishing to create 2 new “stepping stone” reading books.  We also discuss the new Toy Box Search feature on the official Disney Infinity website, under the community section.  We also discuss how this opens up the door for crossplatform sharing of Toy Boxes.  Lastly we discuss the weekly release of 3 new figures, Yondu, Ronan, and the Green Goblin.

Inside Infinity is recorded live every Monday evening at 8pm MST on www.ditv.co/apps/live


  1. The last 2 podcasts; 72 and 73 haven’t shown up on ITunes. Will they still be available there or is that something that has changed?

  2. Hi Matt, thanks for the tip! We are looking into the issue. Hope to have the shows flowing into iTunes shortly!

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