Jason and I are starting to get back into the longer form content.  This week was filled with head scratchers, head bangers, and head bowers.  We had good, bad, and ugly, and it sparked a healthy discussion.  We talk briefly about the Target Stitch collectors edition releasing this week.  We also talk about the Green Goblin patch.  Next up we talk about the big news of a serialized story coming from the Toy Box Mentors soon.  A series of Toy Boxes released on a schedule with a singular story arc.  Next up, perhaps the biggest news of the week, Jason has another one of his famous rants about #Trongate!  And last but not least we go in depth on the recently announced Disneyland Project.

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  1. Hey Fellas,

    I find myself shaking my head as I listen to this podcast…. I feel like there is some blindness or failure to be familiar with our capitalist society and what we are likely to find in such an environment.

    Here is what I mean: “Why won’t Disney tell us whether or not the Tron figures will eventually make it onto other platforms?”

    Answer: Obvious – would you buy them on iOS or PC if you knew they were eventually coming to consoles? Probably not. Does that represent a lost sales opportunity for Disney and its partners? Yes. Ergo, they will not be revealing their plans of whether or not the figures will later be available on other platforms so that they may recognize sales gains from the same person on iOS or PC, and then again on consoles.

    Again, Disney is a publicly traded company that is only making Disney Infinity in order to generate profits and shareholder value. Whatever opportunities for additional sales exist will be exploited by them. It really is that easy.

    They do not make these characters and games for you – they make them for profit and shareholder value.

    Hope this helps to clear the seeming confusion about why Disney operates in regards to Disney Infinity the way that they do.


    • We are obviously aware of this and agree 100% the problem is the messaging they have been outputting is that they love their community and the actions they are taking are not giving evidence of that. Thanks for the comment and your right we should have put this caviot in the discussions.

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