This week was busy.  We talk briefly about this weeks releases of Loki and Falcon.  We also talk about the confirmation and controversy of the last 2 power disc, also arriving this week. We also talk about an update to the iOS app which brought with it, controller support.  Lastly we talk about a tweet which shows Disney Infinity 2.0 running on an Android device.  It was a fun week with lots of news to talk about.

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This weeks Round Table was great with some very special guest, Steve C., Logan, and I are joined by Julie and TJ at the Pixar Post.  We had such a good conversation about Infinity and Pixar, with a little bit of Star Wars sprinkled in.  We discuss what an Inside Out Playset and figures would be, we also talk about the Good Dinosaur and how great it would be as a Playset.  Make sure you tune in for the whole thing, as the conversation was great, and fun was had by all.

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