Jason and I run down the weekly news.  Lots of info coming at us from Game Informer this week.  We first talk about the two new Toy Box Games, Toy Box Speedway, and Toy Box Takeover.  Next we talk about the combat improvements and show lightsaber fighting.  After that we run down the recap of this weeks episode of Toy Box TV Live.  It was a great show and we’re really enjoying all of the news as of late.  Also check out our Patreon at www.Patreon.com/DisneyInfinityTV


We have a very special guest on this weeks round table.  Sheriff Woody from the Disney Infinity Fans joins us.  He tells use why he started the Disney Infinity Fans Forum, and what interest him about Disney Infinity.  He also gives his thoughts on Disney Infinity 3.0.  It was a great conversation, and if you haven’t, check out www.DisneyInfinityFans.com.

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